HouseEurope! is built on a network of supporters from various fields and societal groups, both private and institutional. This network ranges from ambassadors and national organizers, to supporting initiatives and practices, and educational to industry partners.


Ambassadors are experts and opinion leaders from various fields such as architecture, art, ecology, economy, philosophy, politics, sociology, and technology, among others. They support our initiative by sharing their expertise and voices, helping to enhance awareness and garner support.

National Organizing Members

National Organizing Members are the key representatives of our initiative within their respective countries. These members, whether individuals, groups, initiatives, or institutions, are crucial in raising awareness, spreading the word, and campaigning to help us achieve our ambitious goal of gathering one million signatures.

Institutional Partners

Institutional partners help us to raise awareness and garner support for our initiative. They contribute their expertise to communicate the importance of our cause and utilize their networks to facilitate discussions on the transformative potential of existing buildings.

Supporting Initiatives

Supporting Initiatives are local, regional, or national groups that share our commitment. These groups work tirelessly, whether to save a specific building from demolition, push for legislative changes at local levels, or support national efforts to reduce the demolition of existing buildings for new construction.

Supporting Practices

Supporting Practices are partners from the architecture and building sector dedicated to the preservation, adaptation, renovation, and transformation of existing buildings. With their practical knowledge and experience, they help us raise awareness and build support for our initiative.

Educational Partners

Educational Partners incorporate the principles of HouseEurope! into their curricula, focusing on sustainable practices in using existing buildings instead of demolishing them for new construction. By integrating these themes and questions into their teaching, they not only raise awareness among young generations but also contribute innovative ideas to the initiative.

Industry Partners

Industry Partners are companies that contribute their products and solutions to the social-ecological transformation of existing buildings. They support our initiative not only financially but also by fostering a robust network within the industry.

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