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You rent an apartment? You own a building? You care about the environment? You work in the building sector? Almost everyone is or will be affected by speculative real estate practices and the harm they cause. Because here’s the deal: every building is up for demolition!

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You can make a difference – put an end to this practice and make a change in reality! With your support, your voice, and your signature we can push for regulations that recognize and protect the value of existing buildings.

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To achieve the social-ecological transformation of the existing building stock we must activate what is already there, through measures focused on building preservation, adaptation, renovation, and transformation.


Reuse don't demolish!

We call for the preservation of existing buildings and the energy already invested in them. By doing so, we can save valuable resources and maintain social and cultural values. Our aim is to prioritize reuse over demolition, taking the first step towards achieving affordable living spaces for all.


Adapt don't abandon!

We call for the adaptation of existing structures and underused spaces. In doing so, we can give Europe's building stock a new purpose and narrative, reframing the perception of value in what already exists. We aim to adapt buildings that have fallen out of use, thereby invigorating the potential of the existing building stock.


Build for the future!

We call for the renovation, repair, and care of existing buildings. This reduces waste and CO2 emissions. Our aim is to renovate in a future-proof way, meaning we need to (re)build in a long-lasting way, limiting the unnecessary use of additional material and new construction now, and in the future.


Shift the Value!

We call for the transformation of existing structures in a social, environmental, and economic sense. Our aim is to implement policies that ensure equity, resilience, and community-building. We need new cultural narratives: from viewing spaces as commodities to seeing them as necessities.

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We are in the process of drafting the ECI’s legislative proposal.

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Renovation Stories is a map of best practice cases in the built environment. For a social-ecological transformation of the existing building stock, we need to change our attitudes and practices by seeing and recognizing the value of existing buildings. Renovation is a great answer to ensure affordable living spaces and support small and medium scale businesses in the building sector, all while massively reducing CO2 emissions.

Renovation Stories

We are a growing team of citizens that brings together diverse perspectives and expertise from the fields of architecture, labor and politics, to our initiative. Together, we are committed to creating precedents for the social-ecological transformation of how we live together.